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Caleffi SATK30105HE Indirect 75kW DHW - Stockshed Limited | Heat Interface Unit (HIU) Division

Caleffi SATK30105HE Indirect 75kW DHW

Caleffi - Heat Interface Unit
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Technical Specification

Component Materials

Frame: Painted steel

Front cover: PPE

Expansion vessel; Steel

Connecting pipework: Stainless steel

Pump: Grundfos

Electronic controller: 230 V -50 Hz


Maximum static working pressure: 16 bar - primary - 3 bar - secondary

Primary differential pressure capability: 1.65 bar

Optionally available: 6 bar

Min. differential pressure: 0.35 bar

Maximum temperature: 85˚C Medium: Water



The temperature setting operates on the principle of set point regulation and can be fixed within application limits.

Heating Set Point - 25 to 75˚C

Domestic Hot Water - DHW

The DHW function takes priority over the heating function controlled by the DHW priority flow switch.

Set Point - DHW temperature 42 to 60˚C

Heat exchanger capacity:

SATK30103 up to 50 kW

SATK30105 up to 75 kW