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Stockshed is a UK Stockist and Distributor of Giacomini HIU spare parts for all versions of heat interface units GE556:

GE556-5 Modular Heat Interface Unit (HIU)

GE556-1 Heat Interface Unit (HIU) with double heat-exchanger

GE556-6 Heat Interface Unit (HIU) with electronic regulation and double heat exchanger

GE556-4 Heat Interface Unit (HIU) with differential pressure control valve

GE556-2 Heat Interface Unit (HIU) with electronic regulation

GE556 Standard Heat Interface Unit (HIU)

GE556 Parts Diagram

If the parts you require are not listed please contact us for a quotation.

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  • Giacomini Motorised 3 Way Zone Valve Head
    010ASP040 Giacomini Motorised Valve Head P556Y050 - Stockshed Limited | Heat Interface Unit (HIU) Division
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