Collection: The Electronic HIU

It is estimated that one third of HIUs being sold and installed are electronic, and this percentage is growing fast.

Just like cars transitioned from carburettors to electronic fuel injections systems, HIUs are undergoing a similar transition from mechanical to electrical systems, to ensure that they can meet modern expectations on efficiency and reliability. The performance and efficiency of a HIU is vital – even more so than in a home heated by a gas boiler. If a boiler performs badly, the effect is limited to that one home, because of the nature of a heat network, a badly performing HIU in one home, can place considerable strain on the entire network, forcing other parts of the system to have to compensate, causing increased energy consumption and increased costs to the whole of the network.

One of the main advantages that electronic HIUs have over traditional mechanical units, is the ability to function with greater accuracy, which is achieved by having heating and hot water control valves along with sensors connected to a control unit. This control unit is responsible for ensuring the unit works efficiently across a range of operating conditions over a long period of time. Electronic HIUs offer users a range of additional settings which mechanical HIUs cannot offer.

Caleffi electronic units are known for their quality and performance. Stockshed is a UK distributor for Caleffi SATK HIUs. Please use the main menu to view the Caleffi models available or contact us for a quote. We supply HIUs for projects as well as replacement HIUs.

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