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Stockshed can provide the details of an independent HIU plumber or engineer in your area. Please contact us at We can then assist with the supply of spare parts or advise on specifications for complete replacement HIU units.

Stockshed is the largest stockist and distributor of genuine OEM HIU spare parts and replacement HIU units for all major Manufacturers.

HIU Repair and Maintenance
A competent plumber carrying out a repair will normally check the HIU casing, check circulation pump performance, assess the temperature control system, clean strainer, repair or replace other parts such as the heat meter, differential pressure control valve, PM controller, expansion vessel and heat exchangers.
We only supply OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts to replace worn or faulty parts.

HIU Replacements
HIU replacement and installation is more costly than replacing parts but is sometimes necessary due to the age and condition of the current unit. In some cases very old units will no longer have OEM parts available and parts will be obsolete. 
Typically a HIU replacement involves:
  1. Detach, remove and dispose of the current HIU
  2. Pipework modification to install the replacement HIU
  3. Install new HIU system
  4. Connection of electric / plumbing system to HIU
  5. Refilling and performance testing 
Our experienced technicians can advise on a replacement HIU to suit your specification, budget and timescales. Please contact us at

HIU Service
Regular HIU servicing can help to avoid expensive repair work and keeps your system in good working order, prolonging the lifespan of your unit. As with any renewable technology a HIU needs to be maintained. Regular maintenance checks ensures that your system is operating efficiently.
A HIU Service typically includes:
  • Identifying any working faults
  • Check of all main unit components for leaks and failing parts
  • Unit parts cleaned if necessary
  • A service report to outline everything the Engineer has done
We recommend that an annual service is the best way to reduce the impact of debris in your system and ensure that your unit(s) are operating at optimal efficiency.  Even small differences in how your system is balanced can make a huge difference to the operational efficiencies.
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