KaMo Water Meter

KaMo Water Meter

KaMo - Original Spare Part

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KaMo Water meter c/w pulse output.

Use: KaMo WK1S / WK1M Single Plate HIU (DHW only), KaMo Dual Heat Exchanger Unit, KaMo Double Heat Exchanger Type 2.

Single jet meter, dry dial, direct reading on 8 numerical rolls and 1 index with anti-fraud ring and 360° rotating lid.

  • Available for cold water up to 50° C 
  • WRAS & MID Approved MI001
  • Magnetic transmission
  • Direct reading on 8 numeric rolls
  • 360° rotating dial
  • Dry dial
  • Accuracy: R100-Horizontal, Dial Up. R50-Horizontal, Dial Side or Vertical
  • Pulse output, 1 Pulse = 1 Litre (K=1)

Approved according to MID 2004 /22/CE up to the range R160-H/R50-V.

ISO 4064 and OIML R49 compliant.